What Signs Indicate an Immediate Need to Replace Your Car Battery?

November 1st, 2022 by

5 Signs Your Vehicle’s Battery Is Dying

Has your car been giving you a hard time reaching your destination on time? The reasons could be many, but it is important to identify the problem in order to have it resolved. If you’ve been having some trouble with your vehicle lately, keep reading to find out more about car batteries. Anything from a delay in the ignition to a pungent smell can be telltale indications of impending damage or an ongoing malfunction in the car battery. Here are 5 signs your vehicle’s battery is dying. If you are still struggling to discern the symptoms of a dying battery, we can help you with it. Get in touch with our team or drop by Boucher Hyundai of Janesville in Janesville, WI.

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How Can You Tell Your Car Battery Is Dying?

There are various ways in which a battery can make it obvious to the naked eye that it has lived its prime and now needs replacing. As the owner, you should be able to replace the battery before the power system is kaput. Look out for the following signs of a dying battery:

  • Delayed ignition
  • Deformed battery case
  • Dimmed lights and dysfunctional electronics
  • The unusually illuminated check engine light
  • Disintegrated metal parts, including connectors

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How Often Should Your Car Battery Be Replaced?

A car battery’s lifespan depends on how much you use it. Taking care of the battery is imperative to help it last for at least 5 years. Driving in winter in the colder states can affect battery life, bringing it down to a little more than 3 years in most cases.

Get a Battery Replacement in Janesville, WI

Head to your nearest service store to have your battery repaired. If you are looking for a comprehensive check and premium services for your battery, visit Boucher Hyundai of Janesville. You can schedule an appointment with us right away!