How Refined are the Performance Capabilities of the 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5?

February 7th, 2023 by

Power and Range of the 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5

Considering an upgrade to a more fuel-efficient vehicle? We have something better to offer at an affordable price to leave a smaller carbon footprint. The 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5 EV lets you leave the gas pump behind – forever. The new IONIQ 5 fares spectacularly more than its rivals and predecessor. It returns with a unique exterior design boasting a boxy body and tapestry-like pattern on the wheels. Here, we take a look at the power and range of the 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5.

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What’s Changed About the Performance in the 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5?

Only subtle equipment upgrades are offered in the 2023 models. Interestingly, these changes have resulted in an uptick in the range and MPGe rating. All models have gained a standard battery heating system and preconditioning feature for improved performance and ride quality. If you wish to tow anything with your IONIQ 5, you’re in for a treat with an upgrade to 2300 pounds. You can now check out the latest version of the IONIQ 5 at Boucher Hyundai of Janesville in Janesville, WI. Also, check out the available credit options to finance your purchase.

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Powertrain and Range of the 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5

Hyundai has built the 2023 IONIQ 5 with an electric-only powertrain that features a standard-range 58.0-kWh battery coupled to a rear-mounted electric motor, collectively generating 168 horsepower. It is estimated to drive up to 220 miles on one charge. You get an optional longer-range battery that pumps out 225 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. This power upgrade helps the IONIQ 5 accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 7.4 seconds, while it also offers a better range of 266 miles. If you seek more thrills with the EV, the all-wheel drive version is the one for you, delivering excellent on-road performance with 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque.

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